INREST’s Research Fund allows the institute to fund scientific projects relating to environmental and occupational health issues in industrial and port sectors.


More specifically, contributions to the Research Fund allow INREST to work on numerous research and development projects aimed at the protection and conservation of the environment and ecosystems, as well as occupational health in industrial and port sectors.


The management tools developed by INREST and its scientific collaborators (several universities in Quebec and numerous researchers) allow to meet provincial and federal government objectives in terms of sustainable development and conservation of the St. Lawrence ecosystems.


The “Enviro-Actions” management model, created based on the requirements of the industry and businesses, aims to establish a preventative management mode rather than an intervention-based management, through the implantation of environmental monitoring observatories and setting up data collection.


The Centre for Industrial Port Expertise (CEIP), a division of INREST in partnership with Université Laval, UQAR, ISMER, UQAC, UMtl, and many other researchers, aims to establish and equip environmental observatories along the St. Lawrence as a means of ecosystem conservation across all industrial-port areas of the St. Lawrence, including real-time data collection as prescribed by the “Enviro-Actions” management model. Thus, new developers will benefit from neutral scientific data with social acceptability. This data, available in real-time, will allow to reduce delays and costs related to environmental permit applications.


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Spectacle Rhapsody de Yvan Pedneault
Salle Jean-Marc Dion

INREST presented Yvan Pednault's

show Rhapsody - Queen's Greatest Hits

on May 30th, 2019 at the Salle Jean-Marc Dion,

to raise funds for its Research Fund. 

















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